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Game: Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver
Platform: Game Boy
Nintendo of Japan release date: 21 November 1999
Nintendo (abroad) release date: 15 October 2000
Players: 1

Enter the new world of Johto, as your quest to be a Pokémon Master begins! This time, your journey begins in New Bark Town, home of the Pokémon researcher, Professor Elm. He invites you to his lab, where you recieve your first Pokémon, and embark on your Pokémon journey! The first season Pokémon make appearances, as well as all-new Pokémon make their debuts! Try your luck with new techniques as well as new Pokémon evolutions! Fill up your Pokédex with updated information in order to complete it with all 251 Pokémon! (Or 249, if you're not able to catch Myuu or Serebii.)

Challenge all-new trainers, your rival, new Gym Leaders--and even take on Satoshi, the ultimate Master! Travel through Kanto, and continue your quest as you follow through the footsteps of Satoshi, and fight your way through the Indigo Plateau, where you can join the ranks of the Elite Four. Claim your title as the greatest Pokémon Master!

New features in the game:
*A built-in clock allows you to play the game at the same time it is in the real world. Some Pokémon only come out during certain times of the day. Also, some events only happen on certain days of the week.
*New PokéGear allows access to the Town Map, a cell phone or the radio.
*Mystery Gift allows you to link trade items with a friend, through your Game Boy game system. (Requires two versions of either Gold, Silver, or Crystal.)You might even get some rare items or decorations for your room!
*Two new types of Pokémon: Dark and Steel.
*The ability to breed a male and female Pokémon to obtain an egg, which can hatch into all-new pre-evolutionary forms of Pokémon!
*Pokémon are able to carry and hold items that can boost their abilities or stats.
*With some restrictions, you can trade Pokémon with the Green, Red, Blue and Yellow versions.
*You can print out Pokémon selections with the Game Boy Printer.
*These versions (Gold and Silver) are compatable only with Pocket Monsters Stadium Gold and Silver (Pokémon Stadium 2). (Not with other previous versions.)

The games "Pokémon versions Gold and Silver"


"Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver"


Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.